2007  Merlot  Red Willow

About the Vineyard

Located in the northwest corner of the Yakima Valley, Red Willow is one of the oldest and most celebrated vineyards in Washington.  The vines are planted on steep hillsides with unique soil formations unlike any other in the state.


The region’s warm and sunny days allow the grapes to ripen fully and cool nights keep the fruit acids high, creating flavorful and well-balanced wines.


Tasting Notes

Aromas of ripe blackberries, boysenberries and fruit leather.  Full bodied with moderate tannins and acidity.  Complex finish with flavors of sweet plums, dried black cherries and chocolate. 


Food & Wine Pairing

Our 2007 Merlot would pair well with dishes like spicy barbecue rib-eye steaks with smoked vegetable salsa or lasagna with roasted red pepper and tomato sauce.



Gus White



Merlot                         100%


Vineyard Source

Red Willow                 100%



2 months in new American oak barrels


Technical Data         

Alcohol                       16.3

Total Acidity              5.3 g/L

pH                               3.7

Harvest Date              Sep 2007

Bottle Date                  Feb 2009

Release Date               Apr 2009



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