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Each bottle of wine starts in the vineyard where early spring the grapevines of Yakima Valley are pruned to align perfectly with the summer sun.  Through the summer, the vines struggle to find water and reach out into the soil to produce a grape full of flavor and richness.  The grapes are gathered early morning in the fall where the temperatures are cool to preserve the delicate freshness of the fruit.  The fruit is then slowly fermented to preserve all of the aromatic qualities of the grape and then placed into either American Oak or Stainless Steel depending on the type of wine.  Over the year and a half of aging, the wine is continuously monitored to ensure the highest of quality prior to bottling. 

The following is a list of the current wines available.

2007 Chardonnay - $13 (Sold Out)

The 2007 Chardonnay is a lightly oaked, bright in color, and taste.  This wine offers rare subtleties that you wont find in many Chardonnays. Slight hints of nutmeg and saffron, this wine goes excellently with a white sauce pasta or seafood bolognase.

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon - $18 (Sold Out)

Slowly fermented over a two week period and stored in new American oak, this wine will surprise the palate with the customary Washington signature fruityness which quickly changes to a full flavored bold wine, rich in tannins and just the right acid balance.  You'll be surprised that each sip brings the full range of flavors as the first sip with earthy aromas, and the tastes of dark cherries, cocoa, and dates.

2007 Merlot - $17 (Sold Out)

This is the winemakers favorite for 2007.... We're not telling you why.  We're hoping to have some cases left over for our personal cellar :-)

2007 Aglianico - $22 (Sold Out)

We are excited to introduce Washington grown Aglianico.  Aglianico is an ancient grape that has a ton of history.  White Cellars is first winery in Washington to bottle the single varietal Aglianico!   This wine is the darkest of dark wines with a unique flavor found only in the Aglianico varietal.  The wine has a pleasant rock candy aroma and a full bodied flavor accentuated with roasted tomatoes, green pepper and raisins. 

2007 The Brick - $17 (Sold Out)

The 07 Syrah from Yakima valley really comes through in this rich red blend.  Earthy aromas of clove and spice, vanilla bean and dark fruit give way to flavors of mineral and spice notes.  Full bodied and dense in texture with firm tannins and balanced acidity. 

2007 Lucid - $17 (Sold Ou)

This is another Syrah blend with 10% Aglianico. This combination brings in the acid to just the right balance with the tannins, and produces a wonderful finish that just makes you want more.  Aromas and flavors of ripened blueberries, cherry cola and chocolate.   















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